We Seek the Truth

Lawsuits are driven by testimony. We know that most professionals who get sued have difficulty speaking their truth because of fear, anxiety or a misunderstanding of his or her role in the litigation process. Our attorneys empower professionals with the skills and confidence they will need to dominate their testimony. The witnesses we prepare testify in a strong, confident, truthful and thoughtful manner. Our process prepares witnesses, in a structured way, to succeed at deposition, when on the stand at trial, or in front of licensing boards.

We Change

Fear to confidence. We calm emotions through understanding and instill critical thinking skills. We teach our clients to think under pressure, respond naturally and perform independently, confidently, candidly and transparently.

We Protect

We are the only witness preparation firm exclusively using licensed and specially trained attorneys who establish an attorney-client relationship with the client. When clients are asked who prepared them to testify, it is essential that the only answer be “my attorneys”. CogentEdge also implements measures to limit the access to client documents to only our consulting attorneys in order to avoid any actual or potential conflicts in the attorney-client representation. All documents we receive are uploaded and encrypted to a HIPAA, HITECH and FINRA compliant platform. 

We Care

Our attorneys know how to talk through and manage the isolation, fear, stress, and anxiety our clients experience. We understand it and fix it. We are able to achieve the highest witness potential. 

We Test

Our witnesses go through the actual experience of a rigorous cross-examination and get the opportunity to develop their own unique testifying skills in advance of the actual deposition or trial. As a result, clients are able to develop the tools and emotional strength they will need to testify clearly, confidently and truthfully.

We Win

We succeed because we are attorneys who have the experience to know what matters. We know how to create critical thinking skills through powerful direct and cross-examination that produces real results. Our unique approach has proven to significantly reduce or eliminate liability exposure. We are retained, for repeat business, by some of the nation’s best law firms, corporations and insurance companies.