Deposition Testimony

The deposition is the most important event in the litigation process. Depositions impact settlement and can ultimately impact the verdict. To succeed, witnesses must actively listen and think critically under pressure in an unfamiliar environment. Accordingly, we never lecture. We teach with questions. Our attorneys deal with the underlying emotions that prevent witnesses from being confident and speaking their truth. We teach witnesses that they can control the deposition and we empower them to speak the whole truth. We then test the witness with a thorough and vigorous cross-examination to ensure that the witness is capable of managing the critical issues in the case.

Trial Testimony

The trial starts the moment the prospective jurors enter the courtroom. We help witnesses understand the trial process so that they appear competent, confident and compassionate both on and off the stand. Similar to preparing witnesses to testify during a deposition, we teach our witnesses how to actively listen to questions and think critically under pressure. Our attorneys then empower witnesses to speak confidently and educate the jury with the truth about what they did and why they did it. We then perform direct and cross-examination drills to ensure that the witness is prepared to convincingly speak their complete truth at trial.

Corporate Representative

Everyone involved in representing corporations knows that the testimony of the corporate representative can set the tone for the entire case. At CogentEdge, our affiliated attorneys help ensure that the corporation’s truth is spoken effectively and convincingly by its designated representatives. Unfortunately, being chosen to serve as the face of the corporation is not viewed as a prize. We take the necessary steps to help reduce the designee’s anxiety, educate the witness on the designated topics, teach the witness to actively listen, how to take control of the deposition and deliver the corporation’s message.