VP of Risk Management

CogentEdge has been a critical part of our success in litigation and reducing exposure. Their Power Witness process has allowed our healthcare providers to consistently give clear, accurate, truthful and confident testimony in the adversarial and sometimes contentious setting of deposition or trial.  In our first five years of partnering with CogentEdge, we have consistently seen a 10x plus return year after year on the upfront cost to properly prepare our litigants. However, the benefit for us is best measured in how CogentEdge has also advanced our core values. CogentEdge empowers our healthcare providers to show their medical skills, ability and integrity while testifying, which aligns with our core values of putting people first, making continuous improvement, remaining true to our integrity and ethics in all that we do, achieving industry-leading quality and professionalism, while achieving unequaled growth in our industry. Our providers are given the opportunity to present their truthful testimony which highlights the quality of care we provide to hospitals, communities and governmental agencies.  We are pleased to recognize CogentEdge as a valuable and important partner in improving healthcare through focused and sincere dedication in their services. They clearly share our values and aid us in achieving our goals.  -VP Risk Management, Nationally Recognized Healthcare Staffing Company

We would never use anyone else to prepare our Defendants. The results are simply outstanding.  -VP Risk Management

We want to make sure that our insureds get the cross examination test by outside trial lawyers before they face the real examination at deposition and trial. Real preparation and the subsequent reports we get give us the tactical advantage we need in litigation.  -VP Risk Management and Claims

Defense Attorneys

Monty, Last night we reached a settlement. Because we were able to negotiate from a position of strength, we were able to settle at an amount that we recommended a year and a half ago!  Monty, your work with the doctor was invaluable.  It allowed us to have that edge that helped provide the position of strength. Throughout the week, we referred to your teaching points as we prepared with the doctor.  Just as you told me in our pre-meeting in my office, don’t judge based on the first hour, rather let the process play out. I am sold on the CogentEdge Process.  I am confident that our paths will cross again, and I will be recommending you to my partners.  Thank you.  -Defense Attorney

This was the best deposition preparation I’ve seen in 30 years of trial practice.  -Defense Attorney

We received a defense verdict in one hour and thirty-six minutes because of the trial preparation you did with our client.  -Defense Attorney

Your efforts to get our client in trial shape allowed us to take all offers on the table off and win at trial.  -Defense Attorney

This is the most innovative deposition preparation process I’ve ever seen.  -Defense Attorney

VP of Claims

The benefit of having a plaintiff’s attorney do the actual cross examination before the actual deposition made all the difference.  -VP of Claims

As a result of your witness preparation, we took our $500,000 offer to settle off the table and won at trial.  -VP of Claims

We want all our Defendants prepared for both deposition and trial because the results are consistent and yield the best results for our company.  -VP of Claims


I was able to go in and testify with confidence and speak my truth, which won the case.  -Defendant Physician